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Power Factor Calculator/Graph Builder tool in Java

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   Muzzle energy is calculated by the formula PF=MV/1000 (19.76 for Metric), where:
M is bullet mass in grains or gramms, 0 < M < 2000.00 (~130 for Metric);*
V is the bullet velocity in ft/sec or m/sec, 0 < V < 5000.00 (~1520 for Metric);*
   * - Only first two decimal digits are used.

For detailed instructions how to use the tool click Help.
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  • PF - Power Factor;
  • MV - Muzzle Velocity;
  • BM - Bullet Mass;
   Requirements: Java 1.1 or higher, supported by Netscape Browser 4.5 or higher & MSIE 4.072 or higher.

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