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Because of the electronic music specifics this page is slightly different from the rest. As you can guess there is no need for lyrics section ;) And I can't provide much info about DJs either, other than a link to their site if any. To make it all more interesting lots of DJs use multiple names, go figure.
    Choosing favorites is hard too. Currently I have around 200 tracks in my favorites folder. And I hardly listen to the DJ mix without skipping a few if not the most tracks. Althuogh some of the mixes are really good, most of it anyways. Which is ok, after all hardly any band ever produced an album which was equaly good in all tracks.

My Ratings

Top 5 DJs
  1. DJ Darkzone (aka - Brain, Code-4, DJ Congano, DJ Crack, Unix)
  2. Gary D. (aka - BassExpansion, Dub Daddy, Gary 138 D)
  3. Yakooza (aka - DJ Wag)
  4. Ray Clarke (aka - Off Beats, Ray Clarke Meets Frank Borell)
  5. Alphazone (aka - D-Mention, Nebulus (2))

Top 11 Tracks
  1. Paul Maddox-Synthasaurus
  2. DJ Darkzone - Da Name Of My DJ
  3. DJ Darkzone - Watching You (vocal club mix)
  4. Yakooza - Cocaine (DJ wag remix)
  5. El Loco - Ibiza (Nostrum mix)
  6. George Acosta pres MAG - Taking Over Space (DJ Wag's Vocal Mix)
  7. Sioux - Pho
  8. Skam - Close Your Eyes (Original Skam Mix)
  9. Dare Devils - Daredevil (Originial)
  10. Gary D & Dr Z - Polaris1
  11. Cool Grey - Phase (Original Mix)


Database Of Electronic Music - One of the best sources of info I've seen so far.
globalbeatz.net - Lots of DJ mixes, demos, good source for all kinds of electronic music
Digitally Imported Radio - Broadcasting quality electronic music, although does get repetitive