Busse Combat 20 Year Anniversary Argonne Assault
(California Legal) Combat Knife Review

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Busse Combat 20 Year Anniversary Argonne Assault(California Legal)

Story - The knife was announced in late 2002. To mark 20th anniversary of Busse Combat Knives Company. Original version is equipped with handle knuckles, thus making it illegal to own in California. For whatever reasons lawmakers decided that a knife becomes a lot more dangerous with knuckles. Oh well... We have a lot more laws that don't make much sense. Anyway, two versions were produced, 7 and 9 inch versions. Later Busse confirmed that he'd make California legal Argonne Assaults as well. That is without those knuckles. Given that possibility I've placed an order. The knife was beautiful. Originally I wanted 7 inch version, as I have already owned 5 or 6 9 inch blade from Busse. As usual the order took longer than anticipated, and in the end something went wrong with the records. So, what Jerry made for me was 9 inch model. Since when he called me was 1.5 years later after placing an order I have already changed my mind and went for 9 incher. Why not :)


 - Argonne Assault's(AA) 9.5 inch long blade is made of INFI steel looks simply gorgeous. Long swedge, satin finish, sexy looks. Terrific knife in short. Blade has shaving sharp convex edgge. Quality and execution very good, no complaints. Since this is rather a fighter style blade the point is accordingly made. Narrow, and really sharp, although the swedge isn't sharpened, That'd make it illegal in bunch of places, because of double edge. For more delicate cutting AA has a chlid, allowing you to choke down on the blade for more control. Given the size and thickness(1/4") AA won't have any problems with chopping and any heavy duty cutting for that matter. After all INFI steel is known for its exceptional toughness, very good wear resistance and ease of sharpening. All that makes INFI one of the best choices for large blades.


 - Overll handle is very nicely done. Full tang, as usual with Busse knives. Micarta slabs are perfectly flushed and the blade spine is nicely polished. Micarta is slightly rtextured providign good grip security. Finger grooves obviously improve grip security, though not very convenient for reversed grip. Handle features so called skull crusher with lanyard hole. Speaking of holes there are 2 more holes, one closer to lanyard one, another near the choil. You can use those for another string, producing somethign liek improvised D-Guard on the handle.


  • Model - Argonne Assault (CA Legal);
  • Blade - 241.30mm(9.5")
  • Thickness - 6.35mm
  • OAL - 368.30mm(14.5")
  • Steel - INFI steel at 58-60HRC
  • Handle - Micarta
  • Acquired - 06/2003 Price - 650.00$
  • Warranty - Unconditional Lifetime;

Argonne Assault Gellery:

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Argonne Assault Argonne Assault Argonne Assault Argonne Assault
Argonne Assault Argonne Assault Argonne Assault Argonne Assault
Argonne Assault Argonne Assault

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