Knife Modifications And Customizations

Every once in a while you wish that your favirite knife had something different. Whether that is a handle, blade coating, or polishing, Here are the people who do such works for you.

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  • Reese Weiland - Reese is a very well known and acknowledged knifemaker himself. And luckily, he does the knife modification and customization works too. He did outstanding job with my Benchmade AFCK.
  • Custom Handles From Stefan - For your Japanese kitchen knives, custom handles by Stefan, really work of art.
  • Norcalblacktails Knife Modifications - A great place to get a satin finish, full convex regrind, convex edge or custom handles and liners.
  • - Knife modificaitons. I haven't worked with them but they have positive feedback on bladeforums.
  • Sunrise Custom Knives - Knife modificaitons. No personal experience, but recommended on bladeforums.
  • Tom Stratton - Knife modificaitons at fair prices. No personal experience, but recommended on bladeforums.
  • Handle customizations and customs knives too. Interesting stuff, especially for the classic folder entusiasts.
  • On/Scene Tactical - Custom Sheathing Systems. Very popular on bladeforums and with knife enthusiasts in general. My Busse Mojo had a sheath made by him, very nice.
  • David Brown holsters - Specializing in Making Custom Kydexr Holsters for Guns, Flashlights, Knife Sheaths, Hand Cuffs, Phones, & More Creative Inventions. David made sheathes for my 12" Ang Khola and 20" Ang Khola. Top notch job for both.

Last updated - 05/19/19