Busse Steel Heart II Ghost Variant
Combat Knife Review

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Busse Steel Heart II variant

Got this one resently. Famous second generation Steel Heart knife from Busse combat Line. Now discontinued by the way. Though the newer Steel Heart E available ;) I've mentioned several times, visually, SH II looks more appealing to me than the new one :) Obviously I couldn't pass this one :)
    Obviously, this knife is a collectible piece, not a user. Discontinued model, only 3 were made with this type of finish (called Ghost finish) and Busse name etched on the blade. IMHO looks very cool. And it's an INFI blade after all. Though, when I have a chance, I'll definitely use it ;) Why not, Busse knives can take a lot, designed for heavy duty use in rough conditions.
    Overall, I think it's a great knife. Dimensions are slightly different than on the standard SH II, though the differences are tenth of inch probably. The blade on the variant is slightly shorter and wider, than on the origninal one. The sheath is also different, it's an Advantage Camo. Later when I get some more time & better pix. I'll certainly update this page :)


  • Model - Steel Heart II variant;
  • Blade - 177.80mm(7")
  • Thickness - 6.35mm
  • OAL - 285.75mm(11.25")
  • Steel - INFI steel at 58-60HRC
  • Handle - Micarta
  • Acquired - 07/2003 Price - 500.00$
  • Warranty - Unconditional Lifetime;

Last updated - 05/19/19