Busse Zero Tolerance Steel Heart E
Combat Knife Review

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Busse ZT Steel Heart

Story - First introduced in 2001. And it was the only run of ZT series, which makes them collectors item right away. I've already told the short story of ZT series in ZT SJ review, thus there's no need telling it here again ;) Ordered blades in summer 2001, got them in 2002. It was a long wait, but very well worth it.


 - ZT SH stands in the middle of the ZT line. Blade length is 7.5, which is not small at all :). Like the rest of the blades from the ZT series I have no complaints regardig ZT SH quality. Very nicely done. The sheath fits the knife very well, and it's definitely secure. A little bit tight, but I assume later it'll get worked out and it'll be smoother. In general I like ZT blade profile better than the standard Steel Heart E. However, I compared to good old straight handled SH 2... I like SH2 better ;) And the thickness of the SH2 too. Although depending on the task I might want to use ZT SH. Can't say anything definite now, simply because haven't used ZT SH at all, to make comparisons.


 - ZT SH features 3/16" thick, 7.5" long spearpoint blade. Of course it is made of Busse proprietary INFI steel. As all ZT series knives SH features Zero Edge geometry. I.e. there's no edge bevel. For cutting performance this is as good as it gets. The NIB edge was nicely polished and very sharp. Zero edge is relatively easy to touch up, but I'm not so sure about serious sharpening.
    ZT series have new E handles. Slabs are Desert Tan Micarta. I've said enough about eHandles in my other reviews of Busse blades, for more check the bladeforums. Very shortly I find them convenient for heavy duty and prolonged use, and not so good looking too ;) For finer cutting I'd rather choose straight handled Busse ;)


  • Model - Zero Tolerance Steel Heart E;
  • Blade - 190.50mm(7.5")
  • Thickness - 4.76mm
  • OAL - 342.90mm(13.5")
  • Steel - INFI steel at 58-60HRC
  • Handle - Micarta
  • Acquired - 06/2002 Price - 350.00$
  • Warranty - Unconditional Lifetime;

Last updated - 05/19/19