Benchmade 710-01 D2 LE McHenry & Williams Axis Lock
Folding Knife review

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Benchmade 710-01 D2

Yet another special edition, limited run of the Benchmade 710-02. This time, it comes with D2 tool steel blade and brass handles with rosewood inserts. Produced in 2002 if I am not mistaken. Limited run of 300 units and mine is #176. I've had two other 710s by then, including my favorite EDC 710 HSSR BC AL, nevertheless I went for this one too. It's my favorite model from benchmade after all this years. Besides, the knife looked really nice, and has it's own distinct, very unique design.


 - Everything I've said in my other review of BM 710 applies here as well, save for different blade steel. Comparing those two steel performance is a more complicated matter, however elemental makeup is easier - D2 vs. M2 steel composition comparison is there. Visually I like this model, but I still like 710-02 better. Perhaps because of its[710-02] darker tones. Anyway, the beauty is in th eeye of beholder, so here's a picture of all four 710 knives together and you can decide for yourself which one looks the best. What I really like about this blade is the polished D2 steel blade. I've sharpened it to quite thin 30(included) deg. angle and it cuts like crazy, while holding the edge very well.


 - Along with the polished edge brass handle was a major reason for me to get this knife. It has very solid feeling in your hands, and weights quite a bit more too, to be precise ~31% more(185.5gr on 710-01 and 141.6 on 710-02, btw for some reason Benchmade lists 710-02 as 128gr, but that's clearly not the case). Brass slabs are quite thick and obviously they're quite heavier than aluminum used on 710-02 or G10 used on standard models. All that is good, but there's some cons as well. For one I don't really like rosewood inserts visually. Second, I suspect it'll get damaged over time in humid environment, or if left wet accidentaly. I never leave my knives uncleaned or wet, but things happen. And last complaint is that the knife has no holes for the clip. So, your're pretty much forced to use a pouch or sheath, which I really don't like for folding knives. I've carried this one in my pocket for some time, but somehow i've dropped it few times because there was no clip. Gave it a good scratch too during one of those drops, which can be seen here. More pictures of 710 series knives are in Benchmade 710 Gellery.


  • Model: #710-01 McHenry & Williams
  • Blade: D2 Semi Stainless Tool Steel 60 HRC
  • Length: 99mm (3.90")
  • Thickness: 2.92mm (.115");
  • Open: 223.4mm(8.80") Closed: 124.4mm (4.90");
  • Weight: 185.6g (6.54oz)
  • Handle: Brass scales with rosewood inserts/double 410 stainless steel liners
  • Lock Mechanism: Axis lock (U.S. Patent #5737841)
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Acquired - 08/2002 Price - 250.00$

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