Hitachi ZDP-189 Knife Steel
Composition Analysis Graph, Equivalents And Overview

Version 4.36
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ZDP-189(Hitachi) - Kitchen Knife Steel FAQ - Latest super duper PM steel. extremely high carbon and chromium content. C - 3% and Cr - 20%. Very high hardness, several makers harden it to 65 or even 67HRC. As you can guess very expensive too. ZDP-189 steel and Cowry-X steel are very similar, in that those two have the same C and CR content. In 2009, Henckels representative in Tokyo did confirm MC66 being their codename for ZDP-189 with target median hardness of 66HRC. Later, in 2010 I was contacted by Henckels Japan head of operations and I got first hand confirmation from the source that MC66 is ZDP-189. Exact element makeup unknown, whatever I have in the Knife Steel Chart is not confirmed by Hitachi. Unlike Cowry-X, ZDP-189 contains Molybdenum, Tungsten and Vanadium. Currently, composition is more precise based on Spyderco Data. Overall, very good edge holding and toughness. Hard to sharpen compared to other steels, nothing impossible, really.

Manufacturing Technology - PM

Country - Japan(JP)

Known Aliases:
Hitachi - MC66, Hitachi - 3C20CrMoW, Hitachi - ZDP189

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