Busse Zero Tolerance Natural Outlaw
Combat Knife Review

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busse zero tolerance natural outlaw

Story - First introduced in 2001. Well, that was the first and the last run of ZT series. I've already told the short story of ZT series in ZT SJ review. Anyhow, Busse Zero Tolerance(ZT) series included 3/16 thick NO, SH and BM. I've got them all together. For one I wouldn't miss such a unique run from Busse knives, then ZT series are thinner than the usual .25" and that makes them very interesting to me. Besides the blade grind is different on ZT series. They feature spearpoint blade and the Zero Edge geometry.


 - Overall I have no complaints regarding ZT Natural Outlaw. It is a very well made knife. Excecution is flawless. The satin finish on it is well done and without any machinery marks. NIB sharpness very good, it able to shave and slice through free hanging paper no problems. For the medium size fixed blade Natural Outlaw is a very good performer. Because it's thinner than the CG model the balance is almost neutral. Slightly forward may be. If you don't expect any heavy chopping or you already have large (9+ inch) blade, machete, an axe with you, then ZT NO might be your choice of the day. Personally, I like ZT NO better than the NO CG. Because of the spearpoint blade and the thinner profile, which translates into the reduced weight as well. Depending on your cutting chores reduced weight can be an advantage or the opposite, if you have to have a single blade with you. Anyhow, as I've mentioned above if you don't expect something extreme, like pry-opening doors and windows etc, ZT NO probably is a better choice. Although I think ZT NO will do very well with heavy duty use as well. And finally the sheath. It is made of Kydex, fits the blade very well, may be even a little bit tight, but I guess it needs a little Break In period.


 - ZT NO features 3/16" thick, 6" long spearpoint blade, made out of Busse proprietary INFI steel. For it's size the blade is rather wide. For deep cutting or digging it's preferable I guess, for other things you may want something like SJ. I like ZT series spearpoint blade more than combat grade blades. Offers better penetration and looks better(that wont' improve performance but anyway ;). As all ZT series knives NO features Zero Edge geometry. That is there's no edge bevel. For cutting performance this is the best performing edge you can get. The NIB edge was nicely polished and very sharp. Zero edge is relatively easy to touch up, but I'm not so sure about serious sharpening. Takes some practice to do that with sharpening stones :) And I don't have a belt sander. ZT NO because of the thinner blade is a better cutter than NO CG. Obviously it'll chop not as good as NO, but on the other hand for chopping I would choose something from Battle Mistress class, or Steel Heart as a minimum. In short, Natural Outlaw will do fine for light/medium cutting chores and chopping as well. Also satin finish blade is easier to clean than the crinkle one. With food preparation that[cleaning] might be a concern.


 - ZT series have new E handles. Slabs are desert tan Micarta. I've said a lot about eHandles in my other reviews of Busse blades, so I can't really add anything new here :). It's good for heavy duty tasks, and may not be as convenient for finer cutting, though it's all opinions. Check it out yourself.


  • Model - Zero Tolerance Natural Outlaw;
  • Blade - 152.40mm(6")
  • Thickness - 4.76mm
  • OAL - 292.10mm(11.5")
  • Steel - INFI steel at 58-60HRC
  • Handle - Micarta
  • Acquired - 06/2002 Price - 300.00$
  • Warranty - Unconditional Lifetime;

Last updated - 05/19/19