Himalayan Import 10" BDC Kukri
Knife Review

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10 inch BDC

I've been interested in relatively small kukris lately. As usual, I mean other knives, my cutting requirements need smaller knives a lot more often then the larger ones. Besides it's interesting to have more variety in the collection. So, once two BDCs appeared in Uncle Bill's blem box I decided not to miss the opportunity. For the curious folks, BDC stands for Bura Dui-Chirra. Obviously Bura would be the kami who made it, and came up with design. As for the name, Dui-Chirra, it means two fullers. For more info and to see original Dui-Chirra check out this HI page.


 - As usual, 10" BDC came in with standard setup, which is Kukri itself in leather sheath or scabbard, plus karda and chakma. Handle is horn, black color. Officially it was in a blem box, but I couldn't find anything wrong with the kukri or its companions. Quality is very good for those hand made knives. And mirror polish is just excellent. Well, you can check it out yourself on the pictures. There's a link to BDC gallery pages at the end of this mini review.


 - At a time I thought 12" long kukri would be the smallest one in my collection. However after using it for a while and seeing 10" BDC I've decided to buy that one too. So, 12" villager Ang-Khola is no longer the smallest member of the family. So far I've used this little one few times in the kitchen. Chopping some rough food. Works nicely. Though 12"AK is a little bit of a better chopper this BDC has advantage in terms of slicing performance, exactly because why AK has chopping performance. In other words, BDC's gentler curve makes it a better slicer. Overall, this is not exactly sashimi slicing knife, it's still 3/8 or so think and quite heavy, but still, I found myself using if for slicing while I was using it for rough stuff.

Sharpness and Sharpening

 - NIB sharpness was satisfactory, but not enough for me. By now I've refined my kukri sharpening techniques, and I no longer use only mousepad/sandpaper method. Which by the way works very well for small kukris, but is a pain for large ones. Anyway, to keep the story short I've got flexible sanding block and I use that for large kukris. Although, sometimes I use the same thing for small kukris as well. For now 10" BDC has mirror polished, convex edge. Again, because it's mainly a chopper I'd rather keep it that way.

10"BDC 10"BDC 10"BDC 10"BDC

Kukri Images


  • Blade - 152.40mm(6")
  • Thickness - 4.76mm
  • OAL - 254.00mm(10")
  • Steel - 5160 steel at 58-60HRC
  • Handle - Wood
  • Acquired - 04/2004 Price - 60.00$

Last updated - 05/19/19