Where To buy Knives

Ok, now you know what do you want to buy. However there are too many places on the net, and buying online is a little bit risky when you don't konw who you are buying from. Here are some internet dealers with whom I've dealt before & had positive experience.

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    Hunting, Sporting, Survival, Tactical and other knvies

  • Oso Grande Knife And Tool Company - A good source of large variety of knives. I've dealt with Dave before, pleasure to do business with him.
  • Knife Depot - Huge selection of knives, swords, machetes, and other outdoor gear. The blog is also a interesting read for the knife enthusiast.
  • Knife Outlet - Large selection of knives, swords & different accessories, prices
  • are very competitive :) & the service is excellent, Fred knows how to take care of a customer :) Also their website is constantly improving, which is important I think.
  • Knife Art - Excellent website, very well organized and nice pictures, great customer
  • service, very large selection of custom and semi-production/semi-custom knives and Larry is just a great guy ;)
  • Internet Knifecenter - a huge selection knives & the prices are very
  • competitive lately. Some knives can not be obtained somewhere else but here, let alone the one of the largest selection on the net. (couple years ago, I was unable to get Puma Commando anywhere else).
  • The Knife Auction - The place to buy and sell knives and knife related items. Basic listings are free!
  • Swiss Army Knife Swiss Knives Express specializes in custom engraved Swiss Army knives & watches from Victorinox & Wenger.
  • http://www.knifesmart.com/ - Very large selection of all sort of knives atr a good price.
  • Knife Enthusiast - The ultimate place to buy, sell, learn and discuss knives online.
  • http://www.excaliburbrothers.com/ - All sorts of stuff, knives, fantasy blades, etc.
  • http://www.knifeoff.com/ - Offering a wide range of knives and weapons ranging from kershaw knife to survival knives. Also featuring bowie knife and cold steel knives.
  • BladeFlick - Provider of high quality blades and knives suited for every individual's preferences. They offer knives for everyday carry or for use in any rugged field work.

    Japanese Kitchen Knives

  • Aframes Tokyo - One of the best places to buy hi-end Japanese kitchen cutlery. Takeshi(Caleb) is always helpful with advise or answering questions. Prices are very good and selection of the knives is exceptional. Only high quality knives there :)
  • Chef Knives To Go offers a wide selection of both German and Japanese Kitchen Knives. Over 39 brands currently. Very good prices too.
  • Japanese Knife Imports - Great source for high quality and hard to find Japanese kitchen cutlery. Very knowledgeable owner.
  • Japanese Knife Sharpening - No knives there to buy, but Dave has everything you need to keep your knives sharp at very good prices, plus he can sharpen your precious knives, repair and restore them if necessary, excellent custom handles from Stefan and lots more.
  • Custom Handles From Stefan - For your Japanese kitchen knives, custom handles by Stefan, really work of art.

Last updated - 04/18/24