Himalayan Import Kumar 18" Kobra Kukri
Knife Review

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18 inch Kobra

Kobra is exclusive design by young kami Kumar. The best I can describe and understand it, Kobra is lighter, narower and therefore faster version of Sirupati. I was curious about it, so when one day 18 inch Kobra appeared in Uncle Bills blem box, I didn't think for long and just bought it. After all, not too often that you can get high quality 18" long knife for around 60$ :) Satisfying one's curiosity as usual worth a lot more. Besides, I was interested how would a lightweight and relatively long kukri would perform. So far I haven't had a chance to evaluate Kobra seriously, but sometimes soon I'll do it definitely. For the record, this particular specimen was made by another well known kami, Amtrack.


 - As all kukris from Himalayan Imports Kobra came in standard setup, which is Kukri itself with leather sheath, plus karda and chakma. This Kobra has black, horn handle, although you can get it with a wood handle as well if you desire so, HI offers them in both variants. Initial inspection of the kukri revealed no problems with the kukri or its companions(chakma & karda). Sheath is also ok, fits the blade well, no rattling and not overly tight fit either. Also, on the positive side have to note that the handle shrinkage is practically non existent. Overall, it's a real light-weight(compared to other kukris), long blade.


 - As I've mentioned above, Kobra blade geometry is different than that of Sirupati, but not by much. Here is the picture of Kobra, Sirupati and Chitlangi together. As you can see, Kobra has slightly more defined belly, more curved and blade is narrower. Also, easily noticeable difference in chos. Kobra has closed, Sirupati standard, open one. Obviously given the equal length Kobra will be lighter than Sirupati, or even Chitlangi. Lighter weight means that out of those 3 Kobra will be the fastest knife. If those are the qualities you're looking for your kukri then Kobra is the way to go. I don't have anything as light in that length. Even shorter 16.5" WW II is heavier. Still, despite of all this talk about Kobra's light weightiness, by no means it is a toy or a flimsy blade. It's a formidable tool and a weapon if necessary. The way it is built, probably Kobra will be preferred by martial artists, compared to other kukris that is. But I am sure it'll do its job in the field.

Sharpness and Sharpening

 - Kobra features standard (for kukris) convex edge. NIB sharpness was satisfactory. Actually it was better than some other kukris I've got. Later on, once I have more time and decide to test it, I'm gonna sharpen it anyways, now that I have my flexible sanding block sharpening kukris is not a problem anymore :)


 - The usual Bir-Gorkha handle, black color, material - horn. Like I said above it hasn't shrunk in Reno, and I didn't have to mess with epoxy. However I still has to round sharp points and edges of the but cap. By the way, but cap on the Kobra is different from standard kukri handles, it was 3 raised points, vs. 1. Basically that's pretty much it I can say about the handle. All the same as with other kukris, and I've shared my impressions regarding those in other kukri revievs :)

18"Kobra 18"Kobra 18"Kobra 18"Kobra

Kukri Images


  • Blade - 330.20mm(13")
  • Thickness - 6.35mm
  • OAL - 457.20mm(18")
  • Steel - 5160 steel at 58-60HRC
  • Handle - Horn
  • Acquired - 09/2003 Price - 80.00$

Last updated - 05/19/19