Tomahawk Tanto Knife Review

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Yet another replica from the United Cutlery, Ok as a showpiece. Tomahawk tanto, 420 Stainless steel blade, 11 inch long, plastic handle, that is not very good one. On the other hand this is just a replica, showpiece may be, not a weapon. I've sharpened it, just for the sake of sharpening practice. DMT extra fine benchatone was able to sharpen it pretty good, even shaving sharp. Obviously, it will not hold the edge for any serious use. Besides, the construction is something that I would characterize with a word flimsy, so use it at your own risk! Better yet, leave it alone, in the display cabinet. Tomahawk tanto is one of those mistakes every collector makes in the beginning ;) Part of the learning process so to speak.


  • Blade - 279.40mm(11")
  • Thickness - 4.74mm
  • OAL - 381.00mm(15")
  • Steel - 420 steel at 54HRC
  • Handle - Zytel
  • Acquired - 07/1998 Price - 50.00$

Last updated - 05/19/19