Sandvik 14C28N Knife Steel
Composition Analysis Graph, Equivalents And Overview

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14C28N(Sandvik) - Sandvik stainless steel, specifically developed as a knife blade steel. Initially, it was exclusive to Kershaw/Kai cutlery but is now also used by Italian knife company Nilte in their folders. Ontario offers a line of kitchen cutlery in this steel and it is recently being used by some Chinese manufacturers.
The composition was first published in 2011, however, it was incorrect, listing the wrong Nitrogen content, 0.55%, instead of the correct value .11%. This data is no longer on the official Sandvik website.
The addition of Nitrogen improves the corrosion resistance and hardness.
Sandvik's recommended working hardness 55-62HRC. The alloy, when properly heat treated forms a very fine grain structure increasing edge retention. This steel sharpens quite easily and takes a very sharp edge.
62HRC isn't considered a very high absolute hardness as there are many other alloys capable of 64-68HRC. However as hardness increases, chipping and brittleness start to come into play.
Still, it is a very decent alloy, offering a balanced combination of corrosion resistance, edge stability, wear resistance and strength.

Manufacturing Technology - Ingot

Country - Sweden(SE)

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