Steel-Import Co. Ltd AUS10Co Knife Steel
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AUS10Co(Steel-Import Co. Ltd) - AUS10Co appeared on Russian Knifemaker sites circa 2021. Russian sources claim AUS10Co is a new steel, from the well known AUS family of steels. However, despite that claim, Aichi doesn't list AUS10Co on their website. AUS family obviously refers to Aichi steels such as AUS6, AUS8 and AUS10. Further, the maker stated in the same sources is Steel Import Co. Ltd. In other words, clearly not Aichi. Aside, from that, a steel with just 0.23% Cobalt isn't really a top league Cobalt steel. That amout is more like a trace amount of Cobalt rather than the amount you'd see in a Cobalt steel. At this time only some of the Russian makers use AUS10Co steel. According to the same source, AUS10Co steel is comparable with Bohler N690, which apparently refers to chemical composition, and that claim is dubious as well. Bohler N690 has more ~0.10% more Carbon, ~3.2% more Chromium, both Molybdenum and Cobalt in N690 are well above 1%, while AUS10Co contains those elements, in trace amounts, 0.22% and 0.23% respectively. Another claim, edge holding comparable with Bohler-Uddeholm Sleipner and AISI D2. Max hardness is stated to be around 60HRC.In short, AUS10Co is all over the map. If I manage to get actual reports regarding AUS10Co performance I'll certainly update this section, for now no reliable information is available, and what's out there should be taken with a very solid grain(s) of salt.

Manufacturing Technology - Ingot

Country - China(CN)

Known Aliases:
Steel-Import Co. Ltd - AUS-10Co

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