Special Metals Corporation Inconel-718 Knife Steel
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Inconel-718(Special Metals Corporation) - High strength and corrosion resistance, Nickel/Chromium based alloy. Inconel family of the alloys was originally developed circa 1940, for the aerospace industry needs. Original developer Wiggin Alloys was later acquired by Special Metals Corporation, which holds the trademark today.
So far, the only alloy from the Inconel group ever used in a knife is Inconel 718, and Vvego International made the only cutting tool out of it, T-1 boot tool. It's not even called a knife, which I think is correct, T-1 is rather rectangular shaped small tool, with a cutting edge. On paper both, high strength and corrosion resistance sound excellent for the knife blade, but in practice it's not that simple. For one, Inconel is very difficult to work with. Second, and I think more important is the sad truth that the max Rockwell hardness Inconel 718 can achieve is 50HRC, which is way too soft for any half decent knife. I have not used, nor seen field reports on the Inconel 718, but I did use Talonite blades, which had similar hardness, and based on that it's obvious the edge would have to be way too thick to be durable even on modest levels. If you have more info, please contact me.

Manufacturing Technology - Ingot

Country - United States(US)

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Special Metals Corporation - Inconel 718

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