Eurotechni NCV60 Knife Steel
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Version 4.36
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NCV60(Eurotechni) - Modification of the well known X50CrVMo15 martensitic stainless steel. Main difference from the standard spec is the slight increase in Carbon content, up to 0.60% from 0.55% and the addition of the 0.10% Nitrogen. Official doc states 58-59HRC after air quenching at 1050/1060°C, and that's the highest in the spec. Eurotechnis website though, lists it as 59-60HRC. No idea whether that extra HRC point is achievable through the different quenching temperature or medium, or it's just a typo. Either way, it is an upgrade and should perform better than X50CrVMo15 stainless steel.

Manufacturing Technology - Ingot

Country - France(FR)

Known Aliases:
Eurotechni - Nitrocut NCV60

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