Bohler-Uddeholm 15N20 Knife Steel
Composition Analysis Graph, Equivalents And Overview

Version 4.36
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15N20(Bohler-Uddeholm) - Bandsaw steel by design. Very tough, similar to AISI L6 tool steel, except for the missing Chrome. 15N20 is used either as a blade material on its own, or mixed with other steel in pattern welded damascus. E.g. 15N20/AISI 1095 steel or 15N20/AISI 1084 steel are quite popular. Nickel in 15N20 provided good contrast. Easy to sharpen, takes fine edge, but not so much in the edge holding department, toughness is its main benefit. Although, western custom knife makers use it in kitchen knives at higher hardness. Also used to make swords.

Manufacturing Technology - Ingot

Country - Sweden(SE)

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