Crucible CPM S125V Knife Steel
Composition Analysis Graph, Equivalents And Overview

Version 4.36
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CPM S125V(Crucible) - Developed in 2004. Few years later was discontinued, but then reappeared. Few custom makers in US(Phil Wilson, Farid) and in Italy(Fantoni) use it. CPM S125V has Extremely high wear resistance. As far as I know, it was originally developed for dental industry, however since S125V was too difficult to machine didn't really take off. Edge holding and corrosion resistance are very high. As far as knives are concerned, it works superbly well. Rebeveling can be a problem if one doesn't have proper sharpening equipment and skills. Diamonds and Japanese whet stones work fine though. Definitely not a good choice for novices in sharpening. Edge holding is very high. Due to very high carbide volume and size of the carbides, it works better with coarse edges, around 400-1000 range works best in my experience.

Manufacturing Technology - CPM

Country - United States(US)

Known Aliases:
Crucible - CPM 125V, Crucible - 125V, Crucible - S125V

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