Yoshikin CROMOVA 18 Knife Steel
Composition Analysis Graph, Equivalents And Overview

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CROMOVA 18(Yoshikin) - Several very trustworthy sources from knife industry confirm the same, Cromova 18 is rebranded or renamed Aichi AUS-6M steel. There is another theory as well, that Cromova 18 is another steel from the same maker, specifically Aichi AUS-118 steel, referring to 18 as Chromium percentage, which matches AUS-118 Cr amount, however Global's main website has no mention of 18% Cr in their knives, neither do US dealers, last I found, mentioning 18% was only UK dealer. On top of that, heat treating ASU-118 to 56-58HRC is a waste of potential and money too, it is more expensive than AUS6M, so why bother with expensive steel and then make it underperform?

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Country - Japan(JP)

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