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INFI(Busse) - Current INFI steel composition is shown in the primary record, well at least it was that in 2009 when X-Ray SEM analysis of the INFI steel was performed by Darrel Lewis, working at Inobond, child company of the Bodycote. The composition was published in December 2009, although Darrel did mention that analysis was done few years prior to publishing. Which means somewhere after 2002-2004 INFI composition has been changed, from it's original make up. It's still an excellent performer, and as Darrel noted in his post, has very dense grain structure. The original Pre 2002 INFI steel composition, obtained earlier by a lab in Germany and it contained Nitrogen, which was confirmed by Jerry Busse (the presence of nitrogen, not the whole composition), although Jerry didn't dispute the results either. As you can see, Nitrogen and Cobalt are gone from the composition. I suppose materials pricing and HT protocols considerations had some effect on those decisions. INFI does have proprietary HT protocol which is rather long and complicated, but the results speak for themselves.

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